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Exchange 2013 random reboot

Recently we started to experience issues with an Exchange 2013 instance rebooting for no apparent reason. After some investigation it appears there is a bug that was introduced in either CU5 or CU6 that affects systems running in co-existence mode with Exchange 2007 that can cause random reboots. We were actually running in this mode but with Exchange 2010 instead but it's reasonable to assume that if the bug happens with Exchange 2007 co-existence then it could also happen with Exchange 2010 co-existence. If you are experiencing this issue and are running in co-existence mode then update your Exchange 2013 instance to CU7 ASAP. NB: When applying cumulative updates ensure that you carry out the pre-requisite steps. Failing to do so may present strange errors when carrying out the update such as error reporting that the Mailbox server role is not installed when it is. This happens when the Schema updates have not been carried out before attempting to apply the cumulative upda